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บริการโกดัง Fulfillment ในประเทศอินเดีย ให้คุณขายสินค้า online ได้แล้ววันนี้


Store the goods with us and start selling online in India

We provide warehouse service for your B2B and B2C business. Specially for Thailand clients who is looking to sell your products in e-commerce platform in India can use fulfilment warehouse services and we will manage all your shipment with hassle free.

India E-comerce

The Indian E-comerce sector is expected to reach

$188 Billion dollars

by 2025



  • Conducting business in 21 places

  • 50,000 square feet of racked storage; 470,000 square feet of warehouse area.

  • Over 50 customers in storage and distribution.

  • Each warehouse adheres to strict security standards.

Our fulfilment warehouse is accessible in Gurugram, which is located in a logistical hub and is only 30 minutes from New Delhi.

Conducting business in these cities

Guwahati   |   Patna   |   Delhi   |   Ahmedabad   |   Gurugram   |   Sonipat  |

Ranchi   |   Bengaluru   |   Indore   |    Bhiwandi   |   Bhiwandi   |   Nagpur   |

Bhubaneshwar   |   Cuttack   |   Ludhiana   |   Jaipur   |   Chennai   |

Coimbatore   |   Hyderabad   |   Noida  |   Lucknow   |   Kolkata   |

โกดังจัดเก็บสินค้า 21 แห้งทั่วอินเดีย
โกดัง Fulfillment ในอินเดีย

Why Us

Our system is connect with multiple sales channels and logistics systems such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Myntra, Bigbasket, Website, or Other E-commerce. We have a stock control system that is linked to various e-commerce operates efficiently and precisely.


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x,xxx THB

Create your own pack
Notify our team of the specific packing requirements. Use your own printed packaging, attach flyers, print and attach thank you cards, include presents, or even determine the size of the packaging for specific products. Our experts can handle these details on your behalf. It's as if you're the only one who packs that package.


Selling to department stores and retail stores 

Our team will print and prepare all necessary paperwork. This includes working with transportation until the product is delivered.
• Create a Purchase Order (PO).
• Select relevant modes of transportation.
• Coordinate with the logistics provider and the product's ultimate location.
• Collect documents to be returned to clients.

Returning Products

Our crew will thoroughly inspect each returned parcel. If the returned product is entire, correct, and in pristine condition, and whether it can be re-sold, the team will photograph the returned shipment allowing you to double-check with your own eyes. To determine if the object should be resold or destroyed.

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